Topic outline


    Attending students:
    The discussion of the paper will be online, via videoconference.

    Non-attending students:
    Due to the health emergency the written test for non-attending students will be an online, "open book" test. The students will receive two open questions and they will have to submit the answers in a digital format within 90 minutes to the provided email address. The answers will be briefly discussed orally right after the submission. The discussion will take place with Google Meet or Zoom. Detailed information will be provided with the questions. Students must contact the teachers by email at least two days before the exam.

  • 2019-2020 Privacy and Intellectual Property Rights [145323]

  • Final Exam

    Attending students can choose to do the exam in any session before the start of the course in the next academic year.

    For the first two sessions, they have to upload their paper using the links below. 

    For later sessions they have to send their paper (PDF only) by email to Prof. D'Andrea and Prof. Rossato. Papers must be sent at least three days before the exam. 

    It is always needed to enroll for the exam using esse3.

  • Attendance